If you are really wanting to dive into the burlesque world as a solo performer and would like some guidance and support on your journey or looking to build on your solo career then this Mentorship will be for you.


The main things we can support you with:

Act Feedback

Stage Presence

Troupe to Solo


Business Admin

(Insurance, applications, invoices etc.)

Performer & Act Bios

Social Media / Marketing / Branding

History of Burlesque


What it will also include a month:

1 x 60 min Online Session

1 x 60 min Studio Session

On going support via email

Studio Sessions are held in Nottingham

Online Sessions are held on Zoom


If you are outside of Nottingham and aren’t able to travel for your studio session we can swap this to 2 x 60 mins Online Sessions (3 in total)


Normal Session prices:

Studio Session 60 mins - £45

Online Session 60 mins - £25

Routine Classes x 4 - £27-£35





Mentorstrip Only

Length: 3 Months

Includes: 3 x 60 mins online sessions + 3 x 60 mins studio sessions.

£180 instead of £210

Save £30

Mentorship & Routine Classes

Length: 3 Months

Includes: 3 x 60 mins online sessions + 3 x 60 mins studio sessions + 3 x group courses (1 class per week) + on going support. 

Ruby's Rebels Students

£230 instead of £291

Save £61

Ruby's De Luxe Students

£250 instead of £315

Save £65

- If you would like to attend 2 group classes per week this can be added for £60 instead of £81.


If you are interested  in joining the Mentorstrip please contact us



This mentorship is a game changer for me. I have done shows here and there, but I have always been uncertain on the admin side. Ruby D'Woo has taught me everything and more, there are things you just don't think about. One thing I love about Ruby is that she won't let you go into the industry blind, she tells you what you NEED to know and even goes to the lengths of advising you how to keep safe when travelling. The amount of care she has and her attention to detail is what makes Ruby one of the best teachers to work with. 

Her mentorship is like no other and if you are passioniate about being a performer and need to brush up on your knowledge, become a performer, looking for support due to anxiety then you won't find any better than Ruby. 


If I had to rate this Mentorship I would give it 11 out of 10. This has been the best and enjoyable experience into the industry. I signed up to the 3 month option including my routine class sessions which is great value for money due to the perks, advice, online and studio sessions included. Ruby 'D' Woo deliveres top quality, professional guidance and support from the very beginning going into the burlesque industry and gives you professional insight, experienced advice aswell as structured lesson plan as to what you should aim to have complete by the end of the 3 months. Being on the Mentorship means there are perks that you are able to discuss your ongoing act and ask as many questions as you wish at anytime, so no extra session are required booking. This has been extremely helpful when needing to bounce ideas or unsure how to execute something. Ruby also assists with how to apply for bookings and creating your burlesque CV to use for applying to shows. Ruby has been nothing but a delight and  the best guide that you would expect all teachers to provide to their mentor students. She has been patient and adapts to your individual needs, she will give professional corrective criticism and work with you to improve your act. 

Ruby also assists you in how to successfully run your social media page and can also provide you with advice on how to improve it so your followers will have more interaction with you and that you are seen more. 

100% the best thing I have ever done. Thank you Ruby!